#Writephoto – Poisonous Plants

Poisonous Plants – Image by KL Caley

She gazed at them with distaste, Prostitutes unashamed to display their tawdry scarlet stain.  Harlots, proclaiming their vapid promiscuity proudly.  Strumpets triumphing in their shamelessness.

Shaking her head Nancy knew her disgust had little effect on them.  They were proud, they were belligerent, they were even indignant of her reaction.  They believed it was their right to claim this strip and they wouldn’t be moved on easily, but they hadn’t faced Nancy Megan Eleanor Humphries before.

Pulling on her gloves she squatted down, “Time to go, you whores.”

With grim determination Nancy teared the first plant out, roots and all.

#Writephoto – Poisonous Plants

© NopeNotPam

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