#Writephoto – Tomb

The Tomb – Image by KL Caley

“My Beloved, come sit beside me, and we will enjoy the sun’s final rays.”

As she glanced my way, my willpower dissolved and reluctantly I obeyed.

“My hands are always so cold nowdays, I’m sure if you clasped them in your grasp they would behave.”

Cautiously I reached out, wrapping the delicate bones within fingers strong and warm.

“My bed is lonely without you beside; perhaps we may lie together and enjoy the last of daylight.”

With this she rose and I was led away, down into the darkness of her tomb, for tonight I will sleep in her grave.

#Writephoto – Tomb

© NopeNotPam

22 thoughts on “#Writephoto – Tomb

  1. Oh wow! I love how everyone else has these wonderful literary thoughts connected with it and I thought this could be a wonderful version of the corpse bride – haha! Great piece though, I loved it. Thank you for joining in with the #writephoto challenge. KL ❤

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