What Do You See #102

Image credit; Xresch @ Pixabay

An extract from Misfire – a Steampunk WIP

“Stop, stop,” The old man called out but her terror was in its first flush and ignoring his words she pushed the thing to the floor and quickly scampered to her feet, blue eyes wide as she stared at the thing in amazement.

It gazed up at her fearlessly, there might even have been reproach in its large brown eyes but before she even had time to comprehend this, the furnace beside her let out a large gush of steam.

Felicity tensed, aware that the old man was approaching slowly, his movements methodical and unhurried but even as she noted the soothing gestures he was making, she knew she couldn’t wait.

Curiosity was her sin and slowly she turned towards the furnace only to meet large green eyes which stared at her disapprovingly and as she suddenly comprehended that she hadn’t known what trouble really was, Felicity did what all young ladies should do it such situations.

She swooned.

What do you see #102

© NopeNotPam

28 thoughts on “What Do You See #102

      1. Haven’t read it, I’m on a Jeffrey Archer bent at the moment. How you doing Charles? Do you need any inspiration? 😊

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