Crimson’s Creative Challenge #150

The veggie patch was flourishing, and slowly Jack squatted down, feeling his bones creak.  He was getting too old for unsolved mysteries.

Examining the silver beet he was vaguely aware of the others milling around, but these he dismissed as he turned over the leaf, a smile turning his lips.

Rising to his feet, he knew from the contemptuous looks sent in his direction; that his presence was tolerated, but she’d insisted on his presence.  At least she had faith in him.

“Sir,” He called out to the leading Detective, “You should dig here.”

The body was unearthed within thirty minutes.

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #150

©NopeNot Pam

13 thoughts on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #150

  1. I saw a short movie about some yuppies who killed a dinner guest because of a political disagreement and buried him under the tomatoes…

    … It went so well that they made it a monthly thing. Pretty amoral, but at least they got a LOT of tomatoes out of it…

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