#Writephoto – Bandstand

Band Stand Image by KL Caley

The note had only said ‘Meet me at the bandstand’ and her first inclination was to throw it in the trash.  She had no patience with games, not today on the anniversary of her Father’s passing, but on the bottom of the note was a picture and it had held her hand.

Now she wished she followed her instincts, for the bandstand was deserted, an unpleasant reminder that you couldn’t rewind the past.

Frowning Rachel sighed, the only creature in sight was a thin tabby cat.

“Top of the morning darling.”

Rachel blinked in surprise, did that cat just talk?

#Writephoto – Bandstand

© NopeNotPam

11 thoughts on “#Writephoto – Bandstand

      1. yes he would start as an ant, and claim I would squish him on my bicycle; then he’d return as a spider and mum would execute him … he was most creative in choices and demises 🙂

        Why an ant?

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