What Do You See #97

Jason took a step back and looked at his creation, he hadn’t known what to do after that ill-fated night and he still didn’t know what to do, but this seemed like a good start, for people were already pausing to look, their brows creasing thoughtfully.

When the disaster happened and the world was changed for good most forgot the truth.  That money hadn’t been the cause; it had just been the lubricant.

Perhaps these familiar figures would let others see the truth.

Money wasn’t evil, just as Monopoly hadn’t proven just to be a game.

For it was reality.

What do you see #97

© NopeNotPam

16 thoughts on “What Do You See #97

      1. mine would be have to be camping with the extended family. All my cousins were older so I was privy to some cracker prawning, singing around the campfire, mud skiing, all piling into a car [23] .. anything for harmless fun 🙂

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