Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Purple Moon – August 26, 2021

The pied piper’s eyelids slowly closed,

As he rested in the bowels

of the cypress tree.

Succumbing to

Sleep took but

An instance


His dreams

Became reality

The purple moon

Surrounded by leaves

A glorious vivid delight to see

He’d happily rest here for an eternity.

© NopeNotPam

Eugi’s Weekly Photo Prompt

13 thoughts on “Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Purple Moon – August 26, 2021

  1. ‘tís all,
    who listen,
    to this tale,
    of children,
    piper taken,
    distraction in,
    purple haze,
    you gaze,
    you amaze,
    the tune
    the piper made,
    like purple haze,
    removed your children,
    from your gaze,
    ’tis all,
    not listen,
    to the child,
    now missing,
    from this tale,
    think not,
    of purple
    think not
    of haze,
    think not
    of the tune,
    the piper made,
    and let,
    each child,
    shine bright,
    for each
    and all,
    truly amaze,
    ‘tís this,
    that’s missing,
    do please,

    *off the top. and impromptu.great post. thanks for the earlier like. wouldn’t have to come here. without. *

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