What Do You See #94

Image credit; Sean Thomas @ Unsplash

Glossy snapshots, jarring soundbites

Chill wind whips up,

Refuge left to decay on city streets that

Refutes social media’s infamy and success,

Stripping bare the illusions festering on the souls of the claimed.

Prescribing drugs, conspirator’s cocktails

Rain lashing the pavement, upon

Fanatics obsessed with the obsolete.

The innocent caged, between drumstick walls

Moon’s light clawing through sodden rain clouds.

As madness prevails, clinging with talons sharp,

Blue eyes turn with disinterest,

Society’s downward slide, is but a

Maggot infested spiral to despair.

The blue dragon opens its gaping maw and belches its truth.

Society’s descent reeks of rampant malevolence.

What do you see #94

© NopeNotPam

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