#Writephoto – Arch

Arch – Image by KL Caley

I don’t require empty platitudes

They appease you, not me.

I don’t want false sympathy,

That’s a poison I don’t need.

A heartfelt thanks,

Which you obviously don’t mean,

A pat on the back,

Grudgingly given, I won’t receive.

Your actions are a show,

For the audience to admire.

And I will always know,

There’s no substance in them.

So, let’s say goodbye,

And not speak of this again.

Sometimes it’s better

Not to remain the best of friends.

And let me just say,

While you’re taking a moment not to listen.

That your empty gestures,

I definitely won’t miss them.

#Writephoto – Arch

© NopeNotPam

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