What Do You See #92

Image credit; Yulia Matvienko

The pair leant forward with anticipation; their eyes fixed on the pair who had just walked out of the deli.

“They’ve taken the bait,” The first whispered.

“It’s ice-cream, who wouldn’t?” Came the quick response.

“No need to be uppity, there’s room enough for two in this brilliant scheme.”

The Green Goblin turned to look at the other sceptically, “I really think your overstating here.”

At the other’s words The Joker scowled, “What now?  I come up with an idea that really rocks and you’re all misery and gloom.”

“Kryptonite ice-cream and iceblocks?  You haven’t worked it out, have you?”

What do you see #92

© NopeNotPam

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