What Do You See #88

Image credit; Elias Castillo @Unsplash

Juniper and Daisy

Some said Juniper could be slightly mischievous.

Some said Juniper never learnt his lesson.

Some said Juniper was always too impetuous,

But Juniper just assumed a devil may care expression.

He thought of himself as a giver,

One who helped others to believe.

He didn’t tell lies, he wasn’t a fibber,

And he never meant to deceive.

Daisy was a pretty dog, sincere, loving and sweet,

But she had a problem that was beyond her.

She really didn’t like to have wet feet,

She confined in her friend Juniper in a stir.

Juniper thought long and hard,

He went without his requisite twenty four hour sleep,

And then he ran across the yard,

And when he told Daisy, she did weep.

With the cape affixed, and a long runway prepared,

Daisy looked slightly uncertain but Juniper assured her all would be well.

Run and jump Daisy, you will fly without a care,

That’s when it all went to hell.

Daisy leapt and fell flat on her nose,

Her feet got really wet.

Juniper, the mouse, knew it was a new low,

His reputation was ruined, for it was off to the vet.

What do you see #88

© NopeNotPam

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